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Cheap Decor Ideas for Your Living Room Walls

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Your living room walls are boring but you don’t have the extra cash to liven things up.

Fortunately cool and interesting wall decorations don’t need not come with a high price.

Arrange an assortment of chalkboards on your kitchen wall. They’re a nice place to put up our kids’ art, messages, reminders, etc. You may find cheap chalkboards at your local store. Look at this one from Pottery Barn.

Frame are inexpensive decor ideas for your living room wall. Visit your local store and pick up frames in different sizes and shapes like these ones from Pottery Barn. Add some nice family picture in it.


If you really can’t think of anything to put in your frames, paint them in coordinating colors and hang them on the wall in groups.

Pick up some dusty old vinyl records from your local store, Amazon or from your old storage box and frame them. They give a nice feel, like you’re a recording artist or a record label executive. Look at these ones from Restoration Hardware Teen.

Create custom canvas prints with Shutterfly, where you can personalize everything from the photos and colors to the text and format.

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