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Choosing Nursery Furniture

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Expecting a child means usually planning ahead of schedule when it comes to choosing furniture for the nursery. Parent usually would want to choose those that a child can grow along through the years.

Choosing furniture for a nursery required some work. There are a few things you want to consider when picking nursery furniture and I am here to give you some tips.

Know the size of the room

Know the dimensions of the room you’re using for your nursery to determine what furniture you’re will be able to fit in there


First, be sure the crib meets all US safety standards. It’s worth the piece of mind to invest in a quality baby crib.

Durability in this case would be something to consider as well as how long would the baby be using it. A baby can grow so fast that it can only be a matter of time that it outgrows the crib.

Make sure to choose a crib that matches your personal taste. If you’re going to be having more kids, keep it gender neutral.

Multifunctional Furniture

Another thing to know when choosing nursery furniture is if they are multifunctional. Look for multipurpose furnitures.

You have to ask yourself how long you want your crib to live in your home. Some cribs are just cribs, others convert to toddler beds and even full size beds. A toddler rail is a great option for babies that start climbing out of cribs at an early age, but aren’t quite ready for a twin bed.

You can find changing table convert to storage chest.

You can also consider changing table pads on top of low dressers or little tables with storage underneath. You should choose a dresser that stands 36 to 43 inches high, the height of most changing tables, according to Consumer Reports. Add a changing kit to the top of the dresser. It was very easy to attach. When you’re out of the diaper phase, you can remove it and you have a dresser for your kid.

Make sure everything you could possibly need is within easy reach of the changing table. Add extra storage next to the crib or changing table with a cloth storage rack or consider wall shelves near your changing table for supplies like lotions, thermometers and nail clippers.

It is important to add storage to put books and toys. Install shelves at a low, kid height, so your kids can pick out books and toys easily. Open bins storage is great for blankets and gear when your baby is small, and can easily transition into a toy box as he gets bigger.

Rocking chair is a must

Consider a rocking chair or glider with arm rests. The movement will help the baby sleep. Look for a fabric that cleans easily and holds up to a lot of use. Be sure your rocking chair or glider is beautiful and reflects your personal taste.


Adding a dimmer switch is a great way to change the mood and help your baby wind down and sleep. It also saves energy and the lifetime of the bulbs inside the fixture. Lamps are also great for bedtime lighting.

Kid’s Room Decor

Painting a nursery and choosing a theme, bedding and artwork determines the overall appeal and the style of your nursery.

First, look for inspiration images and study up on the latest color. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas.

Choose a color scheme that’s easy to live with for a few years.

Look for fitted sheets that’s soft and 100% cotton. Be sure you buy minimum 4-5 crib fitted sheets. Remember, crib bumpers are a hazard to your child, and you shouldn’t have a blanket or other bedding in the crib for the first year. Don’t worry, the crib will look beautiful with a colored fitted sheet.

Try to make just about everything in the room washable and durable; paint, wallpaper, carpet, sheets, decorative pillows and rocking chair.

Be sure to use a curtains with a built in blackout liner, so you can darken the room at naptime.

Artwork and gallery wall are a beautiful way to add a pop of color to the your nursery wall.

Finally, between the crib, dresser, rocking chair and shelving, you need to leave some room for your kid to play.

Source Photo: Pottery Barn Kids

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