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How to Avoid Home Decorating Mistakes

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Home decorating takes some time and preparation. When doing your own home decorating, there are certain things that you must do.

In order to avoid such mistakes, knowing them will go a long way.  Remember, there are two aspects to decorating: What you want to do, and the what you have to do.

Make sure to look at the scale and proportion of the room. Make sure when you will buy things to  think of how they work together.

Avoid to put to much furniture in the room and repeating the same fabric throughout your space. A lot of people seem to take decorating their homes too seriously in terms of trying to make it look nice and elegant.

No matter how you want decorate your room, overcrowding would not be effective. Make sure that you try to consider a balance between your furniture and the available space in the room.

Select appropriate rug. Furniture should be sitting on the rug. If this isn’t possible, the front legs of more solid pieces can be on the rug with the back two needn’t be.

Mix-and-match pieces to keep things interesting and avoid making everything matchy-matchy.

Make sure your furniture, carpet and fabric add character to the room and work nice together.

Do not place living room furniture against the walls. The furniture should be arranged to allow for guests and family to circulate easily through the space.

Hanging art to high. The first step is to figure out the correct hanging height. As a general rule, eye level should land within the bottom half of the frame.
When hanging two or more art pieces, treat them as one. Make sure they are spaced only a few inches apart, so they look together and not disconnected.

Make sure to avoid painting a room without testing the color. It can be a big home decor blunder for you if you start painting on a big space without testing the color before hand.

Painting should be considered as the last thing to do if you wish to renovate or decorate a room or the whole house.

Avoid letting others choose for you. When you wish to make your home look nicer, it is your own perception that you will have to consider as your first priority.

Many people make the mistake of letting friends choose how their rooms should look like. This can lead to having a room that you don’t like. You might want redecorating the room all over again.

Seek the help of professional designer if you needed. A designer will want to know your vision for your home. A designer can help you to pick colors, fabric and furniture options. The designer can bring out the best in your home and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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