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How to Organize Your Closet

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If your closet is a looming black hole that seemingly eats up all of your clothes, it’s time to get organized. The clothes closet is one of the most cluttered spaces in all of the house. The clothes pile high into the ceiling and you haven’t seen the floor in ages.

Have you ever considered just dumping the whole pile to the salvation army? If you are sick and tired of forcing your closet door to close then here are some tips to get that pile into usable clothes again.

Figure out the space you are working with

Remove everything from the closet, including hangers, baskets, bins, and anything else that might be on the shelves.

You need a clear, clean space to plan and visualize how you’re going re-organize your closet.

Begin by taking measurements of your closet. The best way to maximize closet space is by using two rods on top of the other. With your measurements you can now go to the store and buy rods and hangers.

Choose your hangers

Limit the visual clutter and give your closet a sleek, streamlined look by using matching hangers for your clothes.

Opt fr study hangers. There are wood, velvets and plastic hangers.

If you are sharing the closet with someone else buy 60 hangers. You should also get skirt and pants hangers.

Group your clothes together

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to keep something, ask yourself those questions:

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I wear it?

Separate your clothes into different piles; keepers, outdated, ripped or stained, doesn’t fit, and you don’t like anymore.

Place clothes that need some repair in a separate pile.

Dump it

Declutter your wardrobe and donate, recycle, or sell the clothing items, shoes, and accessories you no longer need.

You may feel the need to hang on to one or two of these clothes but really when are you ever going to wear those clothes again? It’s useless clutter.

Organize your keepers

When you’ve finally decided on the clothes that you’ll keep then you should start organizing them by category. Hang your clothes by category (top, skirt, pants).

Arrange your dresses, skirts and pants on one side and your blouses and shirts on the other.

Things like shirts, leggings, and shorts tend to be thin and pliable, making them perfect for the roll and tuck technique.

Drawer dividers are essential to organize your clothes. To maximize space in the compartments, roll your socks, tights, underwear, and belts.

Got a wall space? Get creative and use this area to hang accessories like belts, jewelry, hats, or ties.


Sort into those you wear regularly and those for special occasions.

Buying an adjustable shoe rack will eliminate your shoes from getting separated. When buying a shoe rack, avoid those that are slightly pointed.

If you have shelf space, stacking drawers, bins or drop-front organizers are a nice option.

Over the door hanging shoe organizers are a good way to keep your floor and shelves clear of shoes while keeping them easily accessible.

Don’t over stuff

Don’t buy something you know you’ll only wear once.

Start by breaking your task into smaller parts. You can conquer each part without much trouble and you’ll soon find that you’ve already finished the job. The important thing is that you have to start somewhere because that disaster area you call a closet won’t clean itself up.


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