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Make a Big Statement with Oversized Art

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Oversized art can add a big impact to plain  walls without looking cluttered. You can hang a large piece of art over a sofa, in the dining room or above the bed, and then you will be done with the room.

These oversized art will make a big statement, fit any decor style and prove that bigger is often better. 


If you want to place one piece of oversize art on a wall, make sure that it’s big enough to make an impact. Large works can provide a focal point and adds drama to any size of room.


You can create an accent color in a neutral room with an oversized piece. Pairing a colorful large piece of artwork in your living room can add energy and set the mood.


Remember that in addition to the wall space needed to hang your piece you’ll also want to be sure that there is enough space to allow you to stand back and appreciate the art piece as a whole.

Image Source: HighFashionHome

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