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Outdated Home Decor Trends For 2020

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Decorating a new home may require that you get some fresh ideas from the home decor experts. Not only that, it also pays to know what styles remain trendy and those that are on their way out.  Here are some of the home decor trends that are already going out of style for this year.

All Nautical    

It’s pretty common to see some homes follow this trendy home decor style for many years now. The main fixtures of steering wheels, anchors and seashells in a predominantly nautical blue shaded home seem to bring you out there at the seaside on a vacation. But the trend may no longer be the thing this year. If you still wish to capture some elements of the nautical trend, it may be safe to simply make use of the usual color combo of nautical blue and white for accents in your home.

Tuscan Kitchen Designs

Just like trendy cuisines, trends in interior home design also come and go. While many may have loved the allure of a Tuscan-inspired kitchen, it is slowly losing its appeal. The focus of kitchen designs at the moment is making the kitchen brighter, which work against the use of stone and darker colors typical of a Tuscan-designed kitchen.

Too Industrial

Industrial home decor styles were brought about initially by the conversion of old barns and factories into living spaces. The brick work and use of distressed wood was once quite appealing that it become a popular trend on how some home interiors were designed. It, too has recently lost its appeal as it just can make a home look dated. If you wish to still maintain some of its elements in your home decor plans, using pendant lighting such as filament bulbs or some rustic metal fixtures can add some industrial feel into your home interiors without going overboard.

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