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Space Saving Interior Decorating Tips

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Living space in the home is valuable, especially is many modest homes and apartments. Any room can feel cramped and small, once the furnishings come in.  It can take some creative interior decorating to help get you some additional living space to use. Here are some things that may help you out.

Utilize Vertical Spaces

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Many cramped rooms can benefit a lot from finding extra space. One quick tip to do this is by using vertical spaces. You can create additional storage spaces using that underutilized space above your head. There are a lot of vertical spaces that you can use for storage to prevent clutter. You can install cabinets or shelves on the upper portions of the walls. You can even install a semi-attic if you have a high ceiling at home. This will help put the usually overlooked space in your home to good use.

Consider Using Pocket Doors

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A pocket door is a type of sliding door that hides into a compartment within an adjacent wall when opened. Aside from creating a division between rooms, it is also a great space saver especially in homes with limited space. It can take up considerably less space compared to swinging doors.

Use Mirrors Creatively

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You can make small rooms look bigger by installing mirrors. The reflection from the mirrors can make the room look larger and can even reflect light to make it brighter. It is a good way to make that tiny room look more spacious and airy.

Use Furniture With Multiple Functions  

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With the limited space in a small home or apartment, furnishings can take up quite a lot of space. In order to save valuable space, it pays to have furniture with multiple functions. For example, you can make use of stools that also double as side tables when needed. There are also sofas that can convert into a bed to accommodate a guest staying overnight. You can also consider other furniture sets that offer additional storage space for your other things.

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